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Product Update (May 1, 2018)


Based on your feedback, we've worked on the first iteration of product updates that improve your experience with Introjoy:

What's New:

  • We now support email aliases. Send mail as any of the emails associated with your Gmail account.
  • We now import your Gmail signature. The signature you have for your Gmail account is now automatically imported into the footer of your emails -- including aliases.
  • The email drafting experience has improved. Parsing your contact names is now smarter. Even if you have contacts named Belson, Gavin or Professor Albus Dumbledore III, IntroJoy will streamline your email-drafting experience by automatically filling out the first name correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  • An OAuth bug has been fixed, where some users were getting an error authenticating with Google
  • Dates on your dashboard are now showing up correctly

What's Next:

Stay tuned for some good stuff in the works, such as a Chrome extension (so you can send and request intros right from your Gmail tab) and support for introducing multiple people!



Co-Founder, IntroJoy