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Email Etiquette Lesson #2: What is a double opt-in introduction?

Double opt-in introduction

A double opt-in introduction is when you first ask permission from a person to make an introduction, before making the introduction. Once everyone approves the introduction, that is when you can connect them via email.

There's nothing worse than the dreaded blind introduction, which adds uncomfortable pressure and can ruin reputations.

Double opt-in intros are polite, professional, and an unwritten rule in the world of email etiquette.

What happens if you don't use the double opt-in?

You will be another reason for someone's tweet.

What does a double opt-in introduction email look like?

In her post "The Double Opt-In Intro: An Email Template", Alex Cavoulacos, Co-Founder @ The Muse, gives an excellent example:

Subject line: OK to Intro You to a Contact? Body: Hi [Name],

I was asked by [referral name], a [context: e.g., smart student in my seminar / former colleague from XYZ company, good friend] for an introduction to you. I know you’re busy, but thought it could be a useful connection because [upside: e.g., you share a passion for analytics / he could be a good asset to your team / she has experience in something you want to know about].

I wanted to run it by you first, however, out of respect for your time, and I’m happy to suggest a short call instead of coffee or a meeting, depending on what you prefer. Let me know if that’s OK!


[Your Name]

There's an easy way

We built IntroJoy to save you time and energy when making double opt-in introduction emails.

  • It's a tool that sends emails from your Gmail account, keeping the look and feel personalized
  • You can always preview and edit emails before they are sent.

Here's what using IntroJoy looks like:

1. Select two people you want to connect.

IntroJoy - Software for automating double opt-in introductions

2. Preview and confirm the opt-in email(s) that are sent immediately.

You can personalize emails manually or use a template
IntroJoy - Software for automating double opt-in introductions

3. Preview and confirm the final email that will only be sent once all parties give approval for the intro.

Once all invited persons have confirmed the intro, you will automatically send a final email connecting them both.
You can track the status of intros and email opens/clicks from your Dashboard.
IntroJoy - Software for automating double opt-in introductions

IntroJoy - Software for automating double opt-in introductions

Use IntroJoy to automate your double opt-in introduction process. Save hours of labor and manage your introductions in a whole new light. It's the ultimate timesaver -- try IntroJoy today!

Here are some other resources to learn more about double opt-in email introductions:



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