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Email Etiquette Lesson #1: What is a forwardable introduction email?

Forwardable introduction email

A forwardable introduction is an email that your introducer can simply pass along to the person you want an introduction to.

What does that mean? Imagine this scenario:

Say you're a startup founder and you're looking to get connected to a potential investor or customer through a mutual connection.

So you go onto LinkedIn and view who you're connected with that can make the introduction happen.

You find a mutual connection who you feel comfortable reaching out to make the introduction. But you know that they are a very busy person with little time on their hands.

How do you increase your chances of getting the intro?

You minimize the amount of work they must do (thinking, typing, researching, linking).

This is the job of a forwardable intro: making life easier for your introducer.

  • The email should contain all relevant information that the person who you're trying to get introduced to should know: who you are, what your business does, the reason for connecting, etc.

  • The email should be addressed to the final recipient

Your introducer can then add a sentence or two and forward it along. If the person on the other end approves, your introducer can then connect you both.

What does a forwardable intro email look like?

Below is a great example from Alex Iskold, Managing Director @ TechStars NY, in his post "How to write a forwardable introduction email".

In this email, Krystle is a startup founder who is reaching out to him (Alex) to meet a potential investor (Danny). Here's what her forwardable email looks like that she sends to Alex:

From: krystle @ getbentobox.com

To: alex.iskold @ techstars.com

Subject: Intro to Danny Meyer at USHG for Bento Box (Techstars ’15)



Alex, thank you for passing this note to Danny.



Bento Box (Techstars ’15) is building a digital operations platform for restaurants starting with mobile friendly web sites & marketing tools. Here is our Demo Day Pitch http://bit.ly/BentoBoxDemoDayPitch

We now have over 100+ top NYC restaurants as customers including most of the Union Square Hospitality Group, Meatball Shop, Breslin, etc. The restaurants on the platform are seeing significant increase in conversion and reservations. We’ve been growing across our key metrics 30% MoM and are now expanding to Boston and Portland.

I’ve been a follower and admirer of yours for years, and I would love to get your feedback on our business.

Thank you,


There's an easy way

We built IntroJoy to streamline the forwardable email process for all parties. In fact, we got the idea from a tweet by Alex Iskold.

Here's what using IntroJoy looks like:

1. Fill out the forwardable intro form and share the link with your introducer.

IntroJoy guides you through a simple process that lets you generate a forwardable email link. We use Alex Iskold's example email subject line and email body as the template that you can follow along and customize accordingly.
IntroJoy - Forwardable email intro, email etiquette

2. Your introducer previews and confirms the first email that is sent to the other party immediately.

Your introducer's email will be sent from their Gmail account, keeping the look and feel personalized. They can also customize their message.
IntroJoy - Forwardable email intro, email etiquette

3. Your introducer previews and confirms the second email that will only be sent to the other party once approval is given.

Once the other party clicks confirm, your introducer will automatically loop you into the email thread. Remember to move your introducer to BCC!
IntroJoy - Forwardable email intro, email etiquette

IntroJoy - Software for making introductions

When you use IntroJoy, you don't have to think about anything. We guide you through the process of making a forwardable introduction, and make it incredibly easy and hassle-free for your introducer to forward your email along. It's the ultimate timesaver -- try IntroJoy today!

Here are some other resources to learn more about forwardable email introductions:



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