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Announcing IntroJoy, the best way to request and make introductions without hassle

IntroJoy - Email etiquette

We've launched the beta version of IntroJoy, a tool that will make your life easier when it comes to making double opt-in introductions and forwardable email introductions.

IntroJoy - Email etiquette

Check out introjoy.com to make your first introduction — it's free!

What is IntroJoy?

IntroJoy is simply a tool that sends emails from your Gmail account. If you stopped using Introjoy today, nothing gets lost — just check your Sent folder.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Save your relationships: Toggle a switch to send opt-in emails, asking for permission. We'll send the introduction email automatically only if both parties grant permission.
  • Total control: Preview and edit all emails before you send them out. No surprises here.
  • Track progress: See who has opened or clicked your emails, and approved or denied your introductions from your dashboard.
  • Made for those on the go: Compared to using your mobile email app, IntroJoy takes a lot less tapping to connect two people.
  • Request introductions confidently: Increase your chances of getting introduced. Create an IntroJoy forwardable email link to reduce your introducer's workload.

Who is IntroJoy for?


IntroJoy is for connectors and requesters: Investors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and more.

  • If you're a connector who makes hundreds to thousands of introductions a year, IntroJoy can save you invaluable time and hassle.

  • If you're requesting an introduction, you can reduce the workload for your introducer by providing a forwardable email link.

Why did we create IntroJoy?

It all started with this tweet by Alex Iskold. Turns out, it's still a huge hassle to make double opt-in introductions and forwardable introductions. We didn't find any good tools out there that solved this problem, so we built IntroJoy.

We're on a mission to make introductions easier, and to educate people on email etiquette (next time someone sends you the dreaded blind intro, tell them to use IntroJoy)!



Co-Founder, IntroJoy